Day 42, 8 months old. Teething – the monster awakens

So Lady K’s first tooth started pushing through the gum the day before yesterday and she is not happy about it. Not happy at all. Oh, and she has a cold too, just to top things off.

I’d been dreading this day since we had her, as I knew it was the beginning of months of potentially irritable baby and poor (worse?) sleep. Ironically, she has slept through every night (11+ hours) since this started and I’m not sure why; perhaps she’s just exhausted – I know we are. Even so, if she starts sleeping through we’ll all be happier I’m sure!

Baby teeth are razor sharp (unsurprising really) and this now poses a problem for breastfeeding, in fact, it is likely the end of breastfeeding. We put her down after a partial feed tonight which did not impress her ladyship, who protested in the usual way when we put her down too early: on all fours, rocking backwards and forwards while crying in her cot. I sat in the dark with her and stroked her head as she gently drifted off. It was quite sweet really, apart from the close-proximity, ear-splitting screams…

Anyway, she’s standing up very confidently now and will happily lean with her back against the sofa and stand independently until she gets bored. Good progress, regardless of the teething.


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